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Hi I'm Leah

Hi! My name is Leah and it so nice to meet you!
I work with people who are ready to drop all of the baggage they have been carrying around and start living their best lives, free and happy.

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No worries! I have created a group of like-minded people to help guide and support you while you find the path forward to reaching your true potential.

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What My Wonderful Clients Say

  • Leah is absolutely fantastic! My remote reiki session left me feeling extremely relaxed with a strong sense of clarity. She is a kind soul who is empathic, logical, and loving. I cannot wait to work with her again.

    Janine J San Francisco, CA
  • I went through an intensive program of meditation, readings, and live talks. it was 6 weeks of self love, self-care, and self awareness under kind and thoughtful guidance. I'm not a spiritual person but took away helpful tools and knowledge from this course.

    Lisa L Chicago, IL
  • I had a healing session with Leah Katherine and my nightmares are gone!!! Best part is, I did not even tell her about them before..her healing technique is holistic. The meditation she taught me has been amazing!! And guys, I have a proper mentor of meditation, I am from India and I have guru, I do work on chakras through tough yogic meditation. But the meditation she taught me and the healing she gave me was amazzzzzing!!! Sometimes, you can't do your "Sadhana" because you are too scattered and that is when she came to me as a savior! I highly recommend her for spiritual healings and tarot readings. It's the money worth spending. She is a great human being as well, so you are seeking help from a pure soul which is good for your own vibes P.S. I am a scientist, Ph.D. (Immunology), third degree reiki healer, meditator since many years, tarot and oracle card reader - If I call her the best, she ought to be nothing but the *best*. I love you my dear Leah!! Blessings from the heart to you and gazillion thanks!!!

    Hritka S

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